Jake was elected in 2014 and was sworn into office as Allegany County Commissioner in December 2014. At the time of his election he was the youngest elected official in the State of Maryland. Jake has served as President of the Allegany County Board of Commissioners since January 1, 2016.


Jake's background

Jake was born and grew up in Cumberland, Maryland.  He graduated from Allegany High School in 2011.  He is a 2013 graduate of the University of Maryland-College Park with a B.A. in Government and Politics and is a Fall 2015 graduate with a Master's in Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland-College Park, A. James Clark School of Engineering.  He works in the insurance industry in Cumberland and holds a Series 6, Series 63, and life and health insurance licenses. 

From Spring 2013 until becoming County Commissioner in December 2014 Jake worked in the Maryland General Assembly. Some issues during that time focused on pensions, tax reform, and competitiveness. 

Jake has been a member of the Allegany County Republican Central Committee and the Allegany County Republican Club. He has attended many Maryland Republican Conventions as an Allegany County representative.  Jake was awarded Allegany County's Republican of the Year in 2011. 

He is a member of Queen City Lodge #131, the Winston Churchill Center, CACIF, Allegany County Board of Health, and the Tri-County Council for Western Maryland.

Jake has been a speaker at many group meetings as well as a guest speaker several colleges including the University of Maryland, George Washington University's Summer Scholars program, Frostburg State University, and Allegany College of Maryland. 


Governor John Kasich and Commissioner Jake Shade leading up to the Maryland primary

Governor John Kasich and Commissioner Jake Shade leading up to the Maryland primary


What we've done since 2014


1. Expanding the Homestead Property Tax Credit to the 5th most generous in Maryland, this safeguards homeowners against rising assessments.

2. Ensuring the county has a balanced and responsible budget while keeping the property tax at 1991 levels.

3. Instituting a blight removal and revitalization program, which for the first time works with municipalities. This highly popular program was used to fund $210,000 in demolition in the Rolling Mill area and has also been utilized by Frostburg for the Au Petit building, as well as Barton, Westernport, and Cumberland for blight removal.

4. Completion of Allegany High School project cut costs, worked with the Delegation, State, and BOE to replace 90 year old Allegany High School, which required us to fix a $20m funding gap.

5. Acquiring the Cumberland Chase property, which will have an intersection added in Spring 2018. This, combined with our new residential development incentive, will help increase our tax base.

6. Creating a tax incentive program aimed at small tech-based companies that provides up to $3,000 per job created.

7. Working with the delegation to end alcohol blue laws for the first time since Prohibition allowing Sunday sales.

8. Bringing tourism under the authority of economic development, this closer cooperation has allowed the two entities to work much more closely.

9. Worked to secure pro-bono representation to ensure we were successful defeating a federal lawsuit seeking to remove the 10 commandments from the court house.

10. Put Sheriff’s deputies in the LEOPS retirement system.

11. First update to Fire-EMS funding formula since 1981 and the upgrade of a new radio system, which was the biggest one time expenditure on Emergency Services in history.

12. Barrellville water project brought clean water to 58 homes and allowed residents to stop relying on a stream to access water.