Shade files for re-election


CUMBERLAND- Jake Shade, President of the Board of County Commissioners, filed for re-election on Monday. Shade, 24, is a Republican and was first elected in 2014.

“It’s been an honor to have the opportunity to help guide the future of our region. Being in elected office can be frustrating at times, but is also extremely rewarding when you can see results. I’m going to be running on my record and what I want to achieve next term.” Shade said.

Shade added: “There is so much that can be done if we are able to put the right team in place. It seems that anything “new” is met with fierce resistance, local governmental entities don’t consistently work well together, and there’s little urgency to change. I want the chance to continue to change these ingrained attitudes over the next four years.”

Shade’s accomplishments include:
• Expanding the Homestead Property Tax Credit to the 5th most generous in Maryland and safeguarding homeowners against rising assessments.
• Ensuring the county has a balanced and responsible budget while keeping the property tax at 1991 levels.
• Instituting a blight removal program, which works with municipalities. This program was used to fund $210,000 in demolition in the Rolling Mill area.
• Completion of Allegany High School with only $13.4 million dollars of local money.
• Acquiring the Cumberland Chase property, which will have an intersection added in Spring 2018; combined with a new residential development incentive program.
• Creating a tax incentive program aimed at small tech-based companies, providing up to $3,000 per job created.
• Working with the Delegation to end alcohol blue laws for the first time since Prohibition.

Shade has also been a long-time advocate for creating an economic development plan. He added “The county has finally approved the creation of a strategic plan, which will give targets, goals, and actions for economic development. Unfortunately, we currently lack targets or goals. This plan will be completed next year, and implementation should begin immediately. This would be the first time in recent memory the county will have a unified economic development strategy.”

“In a second term, I would like to help carry out more economic development projects and start undertaking joint development projects with Cumberland and Frostburg. I will also continue looking at ways that local government can consolidate services to cut costs.” Shade said.

Shade concluded “I’m optimistic on Allegany County’s future, but success will only come if there is a vision. This requires committed elected officials, buy-in from the public and the business community, and staff that are able to help turn vision into actions. I’m committed to doing my best over the next four years to make that vision of growth a reality.”

Shade is a graduate of Allegany High School and holds a B.A. and Master’s degree from the University of Maryland-College Park. He works in the insurance industry in Cumberland.